Welcome, dear reader! If you’re diving into the exhilarating world of mortgages and loans, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on a journey together, exploring the ins and outs of a Buy to let mortgage and calculator, with 21finance as our compass.

Introduction to 21finance

I’ve always had a soft spot for numbers and finance. Over the years, I’ve realized that while passion is great, you need the right partners to navigate the financial seas. This is where 21finance steps in. Dedicated to offering tailor-made mortgage and insurance solutions, 21finance has emerged as the beacon of hope for many.

Understanding a Buy to let Mortgage and the Calculator

The Basics

If Buy to let mortgages sound like Greek to you, don’t fret. Picture this: You’ve chanced upon your dream home – a cozy little cottage or maybe a stylish apartment. But there’s a snag: you haven’t managed to sell your current house yet. Here, Buy to let mortgages come to the rescue, letting you borrow for the new dream while your old one gets a new owner.

Benefits of Buy to let

Wondering about the benefits of such a move? Let me list them out:

  • Passive Income: By renting out your first property, you have a consistent source of income.
  • Capital Appreciation: Over time, property values might increase, giving you not just rental income but also an appreciated property value.
  • Flexibility: Can’t sell your original home at the price you want? Buy to let gives you the flexibility to wait for the right buyer and the right price.

Key Buy to let Mortgage Calculator

The realm of mortgages can be labyrinthine. But, with the right tools, you can illuminate your path.


Considering a traditional home? The Residential Calculator is just what you need. With a few clicks, you can get a quick understanding of how much you might be eligible to borrow.

Buy to Let

Are you aiming to be a landlord or expand your property kingdom? The Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator offers insights into your borrowing potential for such ventures.

Adverse Credit Residential

Life is unpredictable, and financial hiccups are part of the journey. But these shouldn’t deter your property dreams. The Adverse Credit Residential Calculator is designed to help you understand borrowing potential, even with credit issues.

Stamp Duty

And then comes the notorious stamp duty. The Stamp Duty Calculator eases the process, offering clarity on potential stamp duty costs.

The Value of Intermediary and the Buy to let calculator

Why Intermediaries or Mortgage Brokers?

The intermediary might sound like a fancy term, but it’s quite simple. Think of intermediaries like 21finance as the bridge between borrowers and exclusive lending products tailored just for them.

How Borrowers Can Use Them

While these calculators are from intermediary-based lenders, they aren’t restricted to intermediaries. Borrowers can use them to get a sneak peek into their borrowing potential, be it as an individual or a corporate structure.

Why Choose 21finance?


In the vast sea of finance, expertise is the guiding star. With numerous tools and a deep understanding of mortgages, 21finance shines in its domain.


More than just a broker, 21finance is a trusted partner in your financial odyssey. Their transparency, dedication, and commitment set them apart in the financial world.


Whether you’re a newbie taking baby steps in the mortgage world or a veteran looking to expand, tools like these calculators are golden. With the expertise of 21finance, navigating the intricate maze of mortgages becomes a delightful journey.


  1. What is a let-to-buy mortgage?
    • Think of it as a solution allowing homeowners to rent out their current home while purchasing a new one.
  2. Can these calculators be used without an intermediary?
    • Absolutely! They provide valuable insights for all borrowers.
  3. How does 21finance assist in the mortgage journey?
    • Through tailored solutions, expertise, and deep industry knowledge, 21finance guides you every step of the way.
  4. Is the Adverse Credit Residential calculator for everyone?
    • Specially designed for those with financial hiccups but eager to venture into the property market.
  5. Any charges for using these calculators?
    • Nope, they’re free, giving you clarity on your borrowing potential without any cost.

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