Hello, fellow property enthusiasts! Picture this: you’ve set your heart on a charming little house or perhaps, you’ve got an ambitious property project on your mind. But the labyrinth of mainstream mortgage offerings leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked. Enter: Precise Mortgages, a game-changer in the world of lending.

The Birth of Precise Mortgages

Have you come across Charter Court Financial Services during your financial journey? If it doesn’t ring a bell, let me fill you in. This entity is the driving force behind Precise Mortgages. But let’s dive a bit deeper.

Connection to Charter Court Financial Services

Established in 2010, Charter Court Financial Services wasn’t just another name in the financial world. It was born out of a need—a solution-oriented approach to the gaps in the mortgage market. This vision and drive gave birth to Precise Mortgages.

Their Mission and Objective

Their mission is crystal clear. It’s to be there for folks like you and me—those who often felt left in the cold by the conventional lending system: whether you’re self-employed, someone with a few credit blemishes, a hopeful first-time buyer, or a seasoned buy-to-let investor.

What Sets Precise Mortgages Apart?

Are you sipping on your coffee, pondering, “Why Precise Mortgages?” Let me spill the beans.

Serving the Underserved

They aren’t just about doling out money. It’s about building dreams and making them accessible. It’s about understanding the unique and catering to it.

Unique Offerings

Need specifics? I’ve got you:

HMO and Limited Company Mortgages

Got an itch to invest in multi-occupied homes or via limited companies? This is where they step in. They offer attractive rates, flexible criteria, and no dreaded minimum income requirements.

Portfolio Landlord Mortgages

For seasoned landlords with a property collection, Precise Mortgages crafts an experience just for you. They offer a tailored touch with a dedicated underwriter and a range of products that fit like a glove.

Bridging Finance

Ever been in a mad rush for funds? Precise Mortgages has bridging finance options for those urgent needs, be it for a buzzing auction property, a property glow-up, or just temporary finance until your ship comes in.

Why Trust Precise Mortgages?

In the world of finance, trust is gold. And Precise Mortgages? They’re gold plated. Bagging awards like it’s a walk in the park, such as the Best Specialist Lender at the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2021. Still skeptical? Their towering 4.6 out of 5 Trustpilot rating based on a whopping 3,629 reviews should do the trick.

How 21 Finance Interacts with Precise Mortgages

Now, you might be wondering where 21 Finance waltzes in. As your trusty mortgage and insurance broker, consider us your compass in the vast world of mortgages. And among our top picks? Precise Mortgages, of course. Dive deeper at www.21finance.com to see the magic unfold!


In the sprawling world of mortgage lenders, they are that refreshing oasis. Not just a lender, but a companion on your property journey. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned player, they’ve got a solution tailored for you.


  1. Who’s behind Precise Mortgages?
    • They’re a proud part of Charter Court Financial Services, established in 2010.
  2. What’s their specialty?
    • They shine in HMO, Limited Company Mortgages, Portfolio Landlord Mortgages, and Bridging Finance.
  3. Where can I get all the nitty-gritty details?
    • Their official website is a treasure trove of information.
  4. Have they won any notable awards?
    • Absolutely! Among them is the Best Specialist Lender at the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2021.
  5. Eager to start with them, how do I go about it?
    • Either approach them directly or let us at 21 Finance be your guiding star!

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